Improving Access To Healthcare In Rural Areas

Eastern Plains Medical Clinic

Our Healthcare Services

We provide various high-quality, affordable services to treat you and your loved ones.

Women’s Health Services

Our experts have the resources and education necessary to support women at every stage of their lives.

Obstetrics & Prenatal Care

One of our goals at Eastern Plains Medical Clinic is to ensure you have a safe and comfortable pregnancy and delivery.

Acute & Chronic Illnesses

Our team will make sure you understand your treatment plan and feel supported in our care no matter your illness.

Chronic Care Management

Dealing with a chronic illness is overwhelming and complex, so we provide resources to help you feel comfortable and supported.


We can explain your immunization options to you and administer any vaccinations and immunizations on location.

Newborn Care

Whether finding the right formula for your baby or helping you with latching techniques, we’re here for you and your child.

Physical Exams

It’s important to schedule annual physical exams so our doctors have a chance to examine your overall health.

Prevention Screenings

Prevention screenings allow you to take your health into your own hands and give us a chance to diagnose diseases before symptoms arise.
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Specialty Referrals

We connect you with the best specialists possible so you can receive the necessary care for any ailment you’re facing.

Minor injury Diagnosis & Treatment

Whether your son twisted his ankle at football practice or you’re just feeling under the weather, we can help!

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To help keep you and your family safe, we’ve gathered resources below to answer all of your questions regarding COVID-19.


At Eastern Plains Medical Clinic, we’re proud to work with and directly bill most insurance providers. Plus, we will bill both Medicare and your secondary insurance provider if you have Medicare. Currently, we accept the following insurances.

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Scheduling Services

Our team understands that you’re busy, and the last thing you want to do is take time out of your day to call around and see which doctor has availability. So, we created an online scheduling service so you can book your appointments with ease.

Rural Healthcare FAQ

If you have any questions that we didn’t answer below, please contact our team and we’ll be more than happy to help you!

A rural health clinic is simply an outpatient care facility located in a rural area.

The healthcare industry is vastly different in rural areas compared to urban areas. Those in rural areas often don’t have many resources to travel and pay for a doctor. Plus, the choices of doctors and healthcare facilities are minimal. We built Eastern Plains Medical Clinic because it’s essential to ensure individuals can access affordable, high-quality healthcare. Without rural health clinics, individuals may not be able to access the services they need.

Individuals who live in rural areas face many barriers when it comes to healthcare access, including health insurance coverage, transportation, internet access, and health literacy.

Yes, absolutely! The National Rural Health Association is an excellent resource for members of Calhan, CO, and other rural areas. Like Eastern Plains Medical Clinic, they strive to improve access to rural healthcare and support rural communities.

Our goal is to provide any health services you may need, so we strive to have as many services available as possible. We don’t want you to feel limited when you walk through our doors or worry that we won’t be able to help you adequately because you live in a rural area. We have the resources and education necessary to help you, no matter your health needs.

Prioritize Your Health At

Eastern Plains Medical Clinic

Whether you’re a new patient or have been visiting us for years, we look forward to helping you take care of yourself and improving your health. In addition, our wide range of services means we can take care of your entire family, and you don’t have to worry about finding a bunch of different providers. So, make sure to schedule your next appointment with the helpful, knowledgeable team at Eastern Plains Medical Clinic!