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Eastern Plains Medical Clinic

As a rural healthcare facility in Calhan, CO, we provide compassionate and high-quality care for all of your needs.

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About Eastern Plains Medical Clinic

We are a rural healthcare facility passionate about helping those in need and providing necessary health care. As a locally-owned medical clinic, we understand the difficulties surrounding healthcare access in rural areas. So, we created Eastern Plains Medical Clinic to make it as easy as possible for you to access the health care you deserve. From women’s health services to physicals, we’re here for you.


At Eastern Plains Medical Clinic, when you step through our doors, you know that you will receive the best treatment and care possible. In addition, our entire team, from our front desk to our doctor, will do whatever is necessary to make sure your visit is as comfortable as possible.

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Keep Yourself Healthy And Happy

Our Healthcare Services

No matter what your medical needs are, our trained and passionate staff offers a wide array of services to help you.

Women’s Health Services

From family planning to gynecologic services, our experts are here to support women at every stage of their lives.
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Obstetrics & Prenatal Care

We’ll work with you to ensure you have an enjoyable and healthy pregnancy and delivery experience.
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Acute & Chronic Illnesses

Regardless of the length of your illness or the severity of your symptoms, we want to help you understand and treat your illness.
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Chronic Care Management

Our comprehensive care will ensure you have all of the resources you need and a strong support system in our professionals.
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Whether you’re traveling or your child needs vaccinations for school, we can administer any immunizations you need.
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Newborn Care

Whether your first baby or your third, our newborn care services will provide you with all the tools and support you need to raise a healthy baby.
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Physical Exams

We will address your health concerns during our comprehensive physical exams and check your overall health.
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Prevention Screenings

Preventative health screenings are one of the best ways to diagnose diseases before symptoms become present.
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Specialty Referrals

No matter what illness you’re facing, our team will connect you with the best specialists possible.
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Minor Injury Diagnosis & Treatment

It’s best to see a professional about minor injuries before they turn into something more complex that may require surgery.
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Providing You With Quick & Efficient

Urgent Care Services

You may need to see a doctor and simply can’t wait for an appointment, yet you don’t need to go to an emergency room. That’s why Eastern Plains Medical Clinic prides itself on providing affordable, quick, and compassionate urgent care services. We can see and treat you for anything from a sprain to a pesky cold.

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In an effort to make health care as affordable and accessible as possible, we accept and directly bill most insurance providers. If you’re a Medicare patient, we will bill Medicare and your secondary insurance provider for you. At this time, we accept the below insurances.

It’s Time To Prioritize Your Health

Your Go-To Rural Healthcare Clinic

At Eastern Plains Medical Clinic, we use our experience and resources to ensure you have the best access to health care possible. So whether your child fell while playing with their friends and has a minor cut, or you’re undergoing cancer treatment and are interested in comprehensive care management, our entire team is here to help and support you. We’re here to make sure you’re as healthy as possible for as long as possible!